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Hello world! November 21, 2010

Filed under: Introductions — Vera @ 12:40 am

I was confused about whether it was appropriate to get into random issues for the first post. I felt the need for an introduction, I considered a survey,but I’ve changed my mind.

I’m not sure how to start this.Hmm.Maybe I could tell you about the topics I’m hoping to get into in future.Yes,I shall do that.

I want to talk about depression, get rid of some misconceptions (eventhough I know this has been done).I feel I am able to convey and insiders and outsiders view.This is one of a few mental disorders I would like to talk about.

I also want to talk about photography and how pictures of simple things can mean so much. That probably won’t be too informative as I’m more of an admirer of photography rather than an expert.

I want to record my life too, since it’s going to be changing very soon. I hope to provide people with beneficial knowledge ,knowlege comforts us beings sometimes. So you’ll be reading about what it’s like to have an arranged marriage while being socially inept and having unstable feelings.

I will also be talking about certain T.V programs or films and how I’m progressing with my plans to cure some diseases. Or discover something that will contribute to that! I adore puzzles. What is an incurable diseases but an exciting puzzle to a scientist!I suppose some would find it immoral that I usually smile at the thought of an “awesome” disease. Rather than put on the usual morbid face you are expected to put on.

Yay! This wasn’t as hard as I expected! That’s all for this week.