Untainted Spectacles

Life without the icing.

Day 5,6,7,8- Sad April 10, 2011

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I was a little down for 2 days, my moods get a little weird somedays but yesterday was lovely and so was today. I just woke up yesterday morning and I realised yey I’m happy again. Today we went to a big park there were so many people picnicing, I played badminton with my uncle we had subway sandwiches.


Yesterday, Day 7 , I cleaned the bathroom it looks brilliant I’m very happy with it. I need to get some ironing done and am intending to make pizza tomorow night,a plain old cheese and tomato.

The other two days I was down really and didn’t do anything worth noting. How personal should I get with this blog? Should I talk about my “friends”? Well, what is for certain is that the pleasantness of housework is very much affected by the niceness people you are doing it for.

I’m not surprised that my mum doesnt like work at home , she’s not treated as well as she could be. Just finished watching yesterdays casualty.

Okay, need to sleep.


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