Untainted Spectacles

Life without the icing.

Snails-Day 3 April 5, 2011

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I made aubergine today, they look like snails. I’m posting early because I probably won’t get time this evening. I have to pray at 10ish and not do anything after that so that I’ll be able to wake up for the dawn prayer.

I’ve been to the doctors twice today with my brother and grandmother. Brother is being investigated as he has high protien in his urine. Grandma is having aches and pains and has gained weight.

My driving lesson ,I felt was far better than usual. But still not good enough at all, to my instructor, alot of serious errors. But I feel like I’m improving so that’s good. Unfortunately the slight improvement in observation has been compensated for by a reduction in speed. Which is not acceptable. Holding people up will get me a serious if I do it too much. I made the silly mistakes as normal but I won’t describe them.

Felt abit hypomanic today, I’m plotting my moods with menstrual cycle to see if there is any pattern.

I burnt the onions while making the aubergine but it looks fine, they burnt so fast,after a few long moments of waiting for them to turn golden.

I’m enjoying the simple life. My memory is bad so I don’t know if I’ve said this before! Should I get my memory checked out? They always point to psychosomatic causes, which can be irritating albeit possibly true.

Need to do the ironing tonight, I have been putting it off for two days.


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