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Appreciation and Support , Day 2 April 4, 2011

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Today was great too, I got a few hours spare, which I mostly wasted on online documentaries, mainly one on anorexia. Today is Monday too which means “University Challenge” !!  It was the final, York vs Magdalene Oxford. Oxford won. I love this programme you learn stuff and see some pretty cool and smart people. But I won’t be seeing that for a while we’ll have to wait for the new 2012 series!

My uncle is being lovely, he’s praising me for tasks I’m pleased about  and helps with stuff! My dad was silent about the lentils I made today which means theyre good. He did complain about the uncooked chapati, which was grandma’s doing so he told her off.My dad’s obsessed with food being proper, he describes it as the only thing he enjoys about life!

I haven’t spoken to my mum or sister properly in 2 whole days! I want to call her tomorow! Oh I just remembered! I have to have that teaaa!!

It’s this chinese tea which my dad bought for me, the sellers said it’d get rid of my spots and its working! I could see the effect only after one cup. It is very bitter though, I have no sugar in my beverages usually neither black tea nor coffee but this ! It’s impossible to have it without a spoonful of honey! I’m going to continue with this to see if it’s helping marks too.

I guess that’s all I have to say tonight.Except, on an unrelated note, my friends, disappeared. From the internet anyway and from other forms of not face to dace communication. I live far from them soo.. it’s not like I’d visit them anyway. I’m too fond of being at home, undisturbed. But I like to know and have a good review of them because I love them, I do.


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