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Life without the icing.

In touch, Day 1 April 3, 2011

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So, today was the first day, it went very well. But it didn’t start off the best way because I missed the morning prayer. Due to laziness.

I’ve found with housework, you are far more in touch with your surroundings and maybe nature than if you were let’s say studying. I like being in tune with whats going on and being able to notice things. I’m only slightly more attentive but its significant.

I went grocery shopping, which I do anyway sometimes with my dad, I always seem to get headaches after I’m out of the house for over an hour. And they don’t go away easily. It’s odd. It’s possibly stress but I’m pretty baffled by them.

Today didn’t come to a good end, I took the rice out in an attempt to get the food on the table on time but it wasnt done. It ended up being slightly harder than usual and watery , my dad and brother were quick to criticise (unsurprisingly)  and my brother said after I wouldnt let him have 2 bars of chocolate that I should make proper food and that he feels sorry for my (future) kids. I was abit dissappointed but it’s my first day!! I’m bound to get something wrong. Turns out the rice only needed ten more minutes in the pot.

I’ve decided that I shouldn’t rely on anyone but me for a good measure of my performance as noone but I know what exactly I have done and what challenges I’ve had.


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