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Bad blogger April 2, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Vera @ 10:02 pm

Yes, okay, it’s pretty obvious I’m a bad blogger, I usually don’t continue with the creative ideas that I start out with. Let’s not dwell on that.

I’m not going to keep this formal and impersonal anymore. I don’t like restrictions, I’ve never abided by the norms, that is why I have recieved so much (mainly negative) attention in my school years. I get headaches in formal settings in which I’m not able to act on my urges.

Alas, I have another idea. (I don’t know if Im using “Alas!” right but I won’t google it) My mum’s gone away for 3 weeks to see family alongwith my sister. So I wil be cheif homemaker! I’ll miss her alot. However I’m excited to get a real taste of what homemaking is all about and how I’ll cope with it.

It’s an occupation I’ve found pleasant to dabble into, ah, the simple life! Of course with bits of my overzealous science ambitions on the side. Yes, I need to read a few books once in a while if I’m to cure some challenging disease. Less of that. There won’t be science on the side in these 3 weeks, I’m going to try to keep this as traditional as possible.

So Tomorow is day1 and I hope to continue with this daily until this is over.

My analytical brain is switched on which is annoying when you have nothing to analyse because it just means you start thinking about the future or past which is never useful!

I’ve a bunch to do tomorow,



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