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Exams done May 28, 2014

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It was the last year 2 exam yesterday.But i missed it because i wasnt well. So ill be sitting it in August inshaAllah.I was so upset  the past few days because i could only lay down.Too tired to do anything else.Almost hyper.


Day 5,6,7,8- Sad April 10, 2011

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I was a little down for 2 days, my moods get a little weird somedays but yesterday was lovely and so was today. I just woke up yesterday morning and I realised yey I’m happy again. Today we went to a big park there were so many people picnicing, I played badminton with my uncle we had subway sandwiches.


Yesterday, Day 7 , I cleaned the bathroom it looks brilliant I’m very happy with it. I need to get some ironing done and am intending to make pizza tomorow night,a plain old cheese and tomato.

The other two days I was down really and didn’t do anything worth noting. How personal should I get with this blog? Should I talk about my “friends”? Well, what is for certain is that the pleasantness of housework is very much affected by the niceness people you are doing it for.

I’m not surprised that my mum doesnt like work at home , she’s not treated as well as she could be. Just finished watching yesterdays casualty.

Okay, need to sleep.


Tired, Day 4 April 6, 2011

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I did alot of things on my feet today. I expect to have fully toned biceps by the end of this! I made chicken curry, carrot halwa and went grocery shopping with my grandma. She uses my shoulder as a crutch so my shoulders were very tired after as she is obese, like much of the family. I hung my sheets out to dry and made stir fry for my uncles packed lunch. And the usual breakfast routine. My waist is slightly aching from fatigue, I don’t know why.

I’m going to watch last week’s “casualty” now. Was quite hectic I’d forgotten I missed it!


Snails-Day 3 April 5, 2011

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I made aubergine today, they look like snails. I’m posting early because I probably won’t get time this evening. I have to pray at 10ish and not do anything after that so that I’ll be able to wake up for the dawn prayer.

I’ve been to the doctors twice today with my brother and grandmother. Brother is being investigated as he has high protien in his urine. Grandma is having aches and pains and has gained weight.

My driving lesson ,I felt was far better than usual. But still not good enough at all, to my instructor, alot of serious errors. But I feel like I’m improving so that’s good. Unfortunately the slight improvement in observation has been compensated for by a reduction in speed. Which is not acceptable. Holding people up will get me a serious if I do it too much. I made the silly mistakes as normal but I won’t describe them.

Felt abit hypomanic today, I’m plotting my moods with menstrual cycle to see if there is any pattern.

I burnt the onions while making the aubergine but it looks fine, they burnt so fast,after a few long moments of waiting for them to turn golden.

I’m enjoying the simple life. My memory is bad so I don’t know if I’ve said this before! Should I get my memory checked out? They always point to psychosomatic causes, which can be irritating albeit possibly true.

Need to do the ironing tonight, I have been putting it off for two days.


Appreciation and Support , Day 2 April 4, 2011

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Today was great too, I got a few hours spare, which I mostly wasted on online documentaries, mainly one on anorexia. Today is Monday too which means “University Challenge” !!  It was the final, York vs Magdalene Oxford. Oxford won. I love this programme you learn stuff and see some pretty cool and smart people. But I won’t be seeing that for a while we’ll have to wait for the new 2012 series!

My uncle is being lovely, he’s praising me for tasks I’m pleased about  and helps with stuff! My dad was silent about the lentils I made today which means theyre good. He did complain about the uncooked chapati, which was grandma’s doing so he told her off.My dad’s obsessed with food being proper, he describes it as the only thing he enjoys about life!

I haven’t spoken to my mum or sister properly in 2 whole days! I want to call her tomorow! Oh I just remembered! I have to have that teaaa!!

It’s this chinese tea which my dad bought for me, the sellers said it’d get rid of my spots and its working! I could see the effect only after one cup. It is very bitter though, I have no sugar in my beverages usually neither black tea nor coffee but this ! It’s impossible to have it without a spoonful of honey! I’m going to continue with this to see if it’s helping marks too.

I guess that’s all I have to say tonight.Except, on an unrelated note, my friends, disappeared. From the internet anyway and from other forms of not face to dace communication. I live far from them soo.. it’s not like I’d visit them anyway. I’m too fond of being at home, undisturbed. But I like to know and have a good review of them because I love them, I do.


In touch, Day 1 April 3, 2011

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So, today was the first day, it went very well. But it didn’t start off the best way because I missed the morning prayer. Due to laziness.

I’ve found with housework, you are far more in touch with your surroundings and maybe nature than if you were let’s say studying. I like being in tune with whats going on and being able to notice things. I’m only slightly more attentive but its significant.

I went grocery shopping, which I do anyway sometimes with my dad, I always seem to get headaches after I’m out of the house for over an hour. And they don’t go away easily. It’s odd. It’s possibly stress but I’m pretty baffled by them.

Today didn’t come to a good end, I took the rice out in an attempt to get the food on the table on time but it wasnt done. It ended up being slightly harder than usual and watery , my dad and brother were quick to criticise (unsurprisingly)  and my brother said after I wouldnt let him have 2 bars of chocolate that I should make proper food and that he feels sorry for my (future) kids. I was abit dissappointed but it’s my first day!! I’m bound to get something wrong. Turns out the rice only needed ten more minutes in the pot.

I’ve decided that I shouldn’t rely on anyone but me for a good measure of my performance as noone but I know what exactly I have done and what challenges I’ve had.


Bad blogger April 2, 2011

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Yes, okay, it’s pretty obvious I’m a bad blogger, I usually don’t continue with the creative ideas that I start out with. Let’s not dwell on that.

I’m not going to keep this formal and impersonal anymore. I don’t like restrictions, I’ve never abided by the norms, that is why I have recieved so much (mainly negative) attention in my school years. I get headaches in formal settings in which I’m not able to act on my urges.

Alas, I have another idea. (I don’t know if Im using “Alas!” right but I won’t google it) My mum’s gone away for 3 weeks to see family alongwith my sister. So I wil be cheif homemaker! I’ll miss her alot. However I’m excited to get a real taste of what homemaking is all about and how I’ll cope with it.

It’s an occupation I’ve found pleasant to dabble into, ah, the simple life! Of course with bits of my overzealous science ambitions on the side. Yes, I need to read a few books once in a while if I’m to cure some challenging disease. Less of that. There won’t be science on the side in these 3 weeks, I’m going to try to keep this as traditional as possible.

So Tomorow is day1 and I hope to continue with this daily until this is over.

My analytical brain is switched on which is annoying when you have nothing to analyse because it just means you start thinking about the future or past which is never useful!

I’ve a bunch to do tomorow,